NixOS Community Survey 2022

The NixOS Marketing Team is pleased to announce the first offical NixOS Community Survey. Please take 5-10 minutes to complete it.

Since the Nix community has been growing faster and larger every month, it’s gotten harder to understand who makes up the community and what everyone cares about. So we’re conducting this survey to improve our understanding of those questions. We hope to use your responses to develop Nix, NixOS, and Nixpkgs to match your needs and come up with new ideas for growing and serving the community. And we’ll publish major findings on Discourse and

All the questions are optional, and all responses are automatically anonymized. We will NOT collect your name, phone number, GitHub handle, IP address, or any other identifying information.

The questions in the survey cover:

  • Your background (e.g. What region of the world are you from?)
  • The projects you use in the ecosystem (e.g. Are you using NixOS?)
  • How you use the projects (e.g. Do you use Nix in production servers?)
  • What you like and dislike about the projects (e.g. What do you think is already great about Nix? What do you think contributors should focus on improving?)

This is our first time running a survey like this, so we’re also looking for feedback on the survey itself to understand how we can do this better in the future! Thanks!

-Barry @ flox (bpiv400) and the NixOS Marketing Team