NixOS 24.05 released

NixOS 24.05 Uakari logo

Hey everyone, we are Weijia Wang and Jörg Thalheim, the release managers for this stable release and we are very proud to announce the public availability of NixOS 24.05 “Uakari”.

NixOS is a Linux distribution, whose set of packages can also be used on other Linux systems and macOS.

This release will receive bugfixes and security updates for seven months (up until 2024-12-31).

The 24.05 release was made possible due to the efforts of 2491 contributors, who authored 47795 commits since the previous release. Our thanks go the contributors who also take care of the continued stability and security of our stable release.

NixOS is already known as the most up to date distribution while also being the distribution with the most packages. This release saw 17777 new packages and 16249 updated packages in Nixpkgs. We also removed 9393 packages in an effort to keep the package set maintainable and secure. In addition to packages the NixOS distribution also features modules and tests that make it what it is. This release brought 145 new modules and removed 23. In that process we added 1983 options and removed 304.


GNOME has been updated to version 46 “Kathmandu”, which introduces experimental VRR support, WebDAV support in Online Accounts, and more changes. Refer to the release notes for more details.

Plasma 6

Plasma has been updated to version 6.0, which introduces new defaults, refreshed Breeze, and more changes. Refer to the release notes for more details.

Linux Kernel 6.6

The default kernel package has been updated from 6.1 to 6.6. All supported kernels since 4.19 remain available.

Special Thanks

We want to personally thank Jacek Generowicz for editorializing the release notes, Lennart Mühlenmeier for doing the release logo, Vladimír Čunát for his tireless effort in managing jobsets and staging cycles, Martin Weinelt for dutifully tending to our build infrastructure, and Cole Helbling for his effort on keeping ofBorg running.

Reflections and Closing

We are very thankful for this opportunity to learn about and participate in the release process. It has been an awesome experience to work with everyone on this release, and we want to say thank you to everyone in this community that built NixOS and helped made this release better.