#02 - Here we go

Let us together review what happened in NixOS community in last 2 weeks. We are always looking to improve.

Let us know how we can do better.



  • Feb 18, 2017, Berlin NixOS Meetup at Schnee von morgen, Berlin, Germany

  • Feb 09, 2017, NixOS: Functional Packaging For The Win by Tobias Pflug at Wasserturm Stromeyersdorf, Konstanz, Germany

    Some of you might have heard about NixOS and its very different approach to a package and configuration management. While I am certainly not an expert with Nix myself I did tinker with it for a bit and I think it’s awesome. I would like to give you an idea of the concepts, possibilities and maybe spark some interest.

  • Feb 24—26, 2017, HackIllinois, University of Illinois, USA

    For any university students in the US, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is holding a hackathon oriented towards getting people into open source development, and I’m going to be mentoring people for Nix/NixOS/Haskell development. Be sure to put “NixOS” or “Haskell” into your application somewhere.

  • Feb 25, 2017, Amsterdam Nix Meetup at Container Solutions, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meetups that just happened




  • Smarkets, London, United Kingdom

    We are looking for Infra team lead and Infra engineer.

    The jobs are not a Nix jobs per se since we are not using Nix at the moment. However, internally few of us are interested in trying it for e.g. building AMIs or provisioning docker containers with (mostly) python software. We think some strong candidate with experience of using Nix in production would have a good chance of seeing some adoption here.

Write us if you are looking for some Nix developers.

Editor’s corner

Lately, I was thinking about the structure of this newsletter and noticed that it is quite advance Nix oriented. Would a section where we would promote questions from reddit / stack overflow be of any help to newcomers? Let me know.