#01 - Phoenixes burst into flame \...

The phoenix is a long-lived fiery bird that is present in many different mythologies from around the world. When a phoenix “dies”, it does so by combustion and is reborn of the ashes left behind. It rises from its own ashes, in the freshness of youth, to live through another cycle of years. So in a sense, it never truly dies, but regenerates itself and lives forever. Just like this weekly newsletter.

Welcome to the 2018 NixOS “Weekly” newsletter.

We are back and hope to produce more of them this year then we did last year. As always contributions are more then welcome. The more people help shape this newsletter the more accurate it will be.





  • nix-diff - A small utility for comparing Nix derivations
  • nix-delegate - A command-line utility that you can use to run a subcommand with distributed builds transiently enabled.
  • nix-deploy - Deploy software or an entire NixOS system configuration to another NixOS system.
  • nix-bash-completions - Bash completion for the Nix command line tools.
  • nix-zsh-completions - ZSH completion for the Nix command line tools.
  • fc-userscan - Scans directories containing manually compiled programs and registers them with the Nix garbage collector.
  • elm2nix - Convert Elm project into Nix expressions.
  • stack2nix - Generate nix expressions for Haskell projects.
  • node2nix - New version providing initial support for NPM 5.x (that is included with Node.js 8.x)
  • node-hydra-connector - New API/tool to integrate Node.js applications with the Hydra continuous integration service and a CLI tool that can be used to control a server.
  • composer2nix - Generate Nix expressions to build PHP composer packages.
  • mkShell - For nix-shell-only scenarios, mkShell is a small convenience function in nixpkgs.

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You can help shape NixOS Weekly Newsletter too! Create or comment on the pull request for the next edition or loot at the issue tracker to add other improvements.