#02 - Life before death, strength before weakness, \...

Welcome to another edition of NixOS “Weekly” News — we’re still working on that weekly bit and I’ve half a mind to amend the quote to add “monthly before weekly”.

Let me start by addressing everyone who helped put this edition together: By creating the content and helping collect items, you make the newsletter possible. Thank you.

Contributions for future editions are more than welcome. One way to help is by editing a release; we’ve added an Editor’s Guide to help you.

There are some exciting things happening in the community, and I hope you’ll agree.





  • nixos/nixos-hardware

    A collection of NixOS modules covering hardware quirks.

    The respository has been seeing a lot of work being done in last months leading by @yegortimoshenko (Yegor Timoshenko).

    Check it out and contribute your own hardware-configuration.nix

  • nixos-mailserver

    A complete and Simple Nixos Mailserver


You can help shape NixOS Weekly Newsletter too! Create or comment on the pull request for the next edition or loot at the issue tracker to add other improvements.


  1. described as “won’t be big or professional like OpenWRT”