The CUDA team is responsible for everything related to CUDA in Nixpkgs.


GPU-acceleration has become a fundamental prerequisite to machine learning work and scientific computing. Without support for GPU-acceleration, the Nixpkgs ecosystem will remain largely invisible to practitioners.

Nixpkgs and NixOS give us the tools we need to build reproducible and robust packages and environments. However, the state of scientific computing in Nixpkgs does not reflect this.

Goals and Responsibilities

The singular focus of the CUDA-maintainers team is to make Nixpkgs the best repository of packages leveraging CUDA, especially in machine learning and scientific computing. Towards that end, we seek to:

Call for Sponsors

The CUDA-maintainers team is seeking sponsors to help fund or supply technical infrastructure related to our mission. Therefore, if you or your organization:

please consider supporting this effort directly or through the NixOS Foundation. Reach out via GitHub @connorbaker, or email to get involved.

Contact and Information

Discussions are held on Matrix, Discourse, and on GitHub issues and pull requests.

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