Documentation team

The Nix documentation team was formed to flatten the infamous learning curve.



To improve the state of affairs with Nix onboarding and documentation, we have to tackle some big issues and work through many small ones: implement structural changes after gathering the necessary social support; fix numerous little problems and help people get their contributions merged.

It requires significant time or resources to do this effectively and consistently. The team is built around that limitation, and therefore organized as a praxicracy: you are in charge if and only if you get the work done.

The team’s reason to exist is to make that principle discoverable and reproducible by laying groundwork and setting examples.



Ordered by priority:

Team lead

Meeting protocol

The team holds bi-weekly meetings on Thursdays 17:30-18:30 (Europe/Berlin):

The purpose of the meetings is to

As the Nix community is distributed globally, available time for synchronous communication is highly limited and therefore very valuable. Writing is still the primary medium of communication.

To keep discussions highly focused and make their results accessible, we will:

Meeting notes should contain:


If you want to help immediately, please see How to contribute to documentation.