Warning: This program is experimental and its interface is subject to change.


nix profile history - show all versions of a profile


nix profile history [option...]


  • Show the changes between each version of your default profile:

    # nix profile history
    Version 508 (2020-04-10):
      flake:nixpkgs#legacyPackages.x86_64-linux.awscli: ∅ -> 1.17.13
    Version 509 (2020-05-16) <- 508:
      flake:nixpkgs#legacyPackages.x86_64-linux.awscli: 1.17.13 -> 1.18.211


This command shows what packages were added, removed or upgraded between subsequent versions of a profile. It only shows top-level packages, not dependencies; for that, use nix profile diff-closures.

The addition of a package to a profile is denoted by the string ∅ -> version, whereas the removal is denoted by version -> ∅.


  • --debugger
    start an interactive environment if evaluation fails

  • --profile path
    The profile to update.

Common evaluation options:

  • --arg name expr
    Pass the value expr as the argument name to Nix functions.

  • --argstr name string
    Pass the string string as the argument name to Nix functions.

  • --eval-store store-url
    The Nix store to use for evaluations.

  • --impure
    Allow access to mutable paths and repositories.

  • --include / -I path
    Add path to the list of locations used to look up <...> file names.

  • --override-flake original-ref resolved-ref
    Override the flake registries, redirecting original-ref to resolved-ref.