[Nix-dev] hiring for NixOS/nixops DevOps (Singapore/remote)

Chris Forno chris.forno at zalora.com
Mon Dec 23 11:53:43 CET 2013

TL;DR: We're switching a 74-server network from Puppet to NixOS/nixops and
then expanding it. Apply at

After working with Puppet and discovering its shortcomings, we've decided
to switch our network over to NixOS/nixops. It's currently hosted as a mix
of Rackspace servers, Rackspace cloud, and AWS.

We've been hiring up Haskell developers (myself included) and applying
purely functional principles everywhere we can. Nix/NixOS was a breath of
fresh air when we discovered it. I have DevOps experience with an Alexa
top-150 site, but not much experience with Nix, and we need to hit the
ground running.

We have management's backing to do whatever is necessary to clean up the
existing system which is a bit of a mess (3 networks, each managed
separately with separate puppet instances, each slightly different from the
others). I envision the company becoming a major contributor to nixpkgs and
extending the system (we are dedicated to pushing changes back upstream).

I'm not familiar with the Nix community, but this might be the largest
customer-facing web application (in terms of number of users, if not
network size) that will be managed by Nix running NixOS. In order to
attract the best engineers, we're willing to hire remotely.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
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