[Nix-dev] bsd-games-2.17: monop

Florian Friesdorf flo at chaoflow.net
Wed Jan 9 10:33:39 CET 2013

Lluís Batlle i Rossell <viric at viric.name> writes:
> On Tue, Jan 08, 2013 at 11:02:17PM -0900, Christopher Howard wrote:
>> On 01/08/2013 10:53 PM, Christopher Howard wrote:
>> > 
>> > In this particular case, I think it would be wiser to put variable data
>> > into $out/var/games (presuming there is no technical reason this can be
>> > done). The bsd-games configuration commentary states:
>> > 
>> Then again... I only started using Nix 2 days ago, and I am not clear on
>> the ramifications of picking $out/var/games. Presumably that would be
>> that each change in the profile would clear the scores, which is not
>> good, or adjusting the scores would "damage" the state of the profile,
>> which does not sound good.
>> Perhaps just sticking with /var/games would be best.
> The /nix/store is not writeable. I'm also for /var/games.

For completeness: on IRC we came to the conclusion that somewhere in
$HOME/.local would be best. Sharing score files could be achieved by
symlinking them.

However, I fail to tell bsd-games to lookup $HOME during runtime and
lack the time to further investigate at the moment.

It would be easier to use a fixed path (without env var lookup), but we
should use one normal users on non-nixos systems have write access to.

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