[Nix-dev] Bundling nix-expressions with source code

Eelco Dolstra eelco.dolstra at logicblox.com
Mon Jan 28 11:52:31 CET 2013


On 25/01/13 09:32, Rickard Nilsson wrote:

>> I see nix is getting quite popular :-)
>> The maintainer is of course welcome to maintain also the nix expression
>> *within* nixpkgs, who else is a better candidate...
> Yes, absolutely, and that is completely OK. But you might want to keep
> an in-development default.nix in the upstream repo, too. It's actually
> very nice to use Nix during development, for handling dependencies,
> installing throw-away stuff in your profile, etc.

Yes, I totally agree.  I have exactly that problem with packages like Hydra and
Charon, which have Nix expressions in their own trees to build them - which then
needs to be duplicated in Nixpkgs to make them available there :-(

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