[Nix-dev] sophisticated php-fpm implementation for nixos

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Thu Jan 31 06:44:06 CET 2013

I've been working on php-fpm support.
Now its possible to configure php for each user/account individually.
You can even enable xdebug.
The module takes care about pid, log, socket names etc.
If pools use same php compilation flags and ini file they'll be
supervised by the same php-fpm daemon, otherwise a new service will be
created as neccessary.


Please be aware that it depends on some patches (sample configuration
can be found here, too):

Talking about this progress so that interested people can join to
prevent duplicate effort.

What is php-fpm? Its a fastcgi implementation for PHP. php-fpm starts
threads, drops priviledges and runs php code. Thus it replaced the old
famous suexec like setups etc. Additionally it provides more features
Summary can be viewed here: http://php-fpm.org/about/#why

Its included upstream in PHP so I think it can be considered stable.

Marc Weber

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