[Nix-dev] ANNOUNCE: NixOps 1.0

phreedom at yandex.ru phreedom at yandex.ru
Tue Jun 25 14:29:59 CEST 2013

В письме от Вторник 25 июня 2013 13:54:37 пользователь Eelco Dolstra написал:
> NixOps is not tied to EC2: it currently has backends for pre-existing
> physical or virtual machines, for VirtualBox, and for EC2.  The VirtualBox
> backend makes it easy to do test deployments before deploying to (say) EC2
> for production, and to provision test environments for development (a la
> Vagrant).  NixOps also supports provisioning of non-machine cloud resources
> such as Amazon S3 buckets or EC2 key pairs.
> Feedback, patches and bug reports are welcome!

Automatic tunnels sound cool :)
One question though. Can it completely manage physical machines, including 
kernels and whatnot? What would happen if the machine is rebooted, esp if 
using an old config?

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