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Tue Oct 1 14:15:45 CEST 2013

On Monday, September 30, 2013 08:58:41 PM Marc Weber wrote:
> Excerpts from Philip Lykke Carlsen's message of Mon Sep 30 20:38:09 +0200 2013:
> > If it was common practise for wikis to require user registrations lay a
> > money deposit as security for constructive behaviour the problem would go
> > away overnight.
> Sure. but can't we try a less intrusive non standard way first? Such as:
> if create user page / edit page is requested test for our own cookie.
>   If cookie does not exist:
>     redirect to custom password protection page, if simple password gets
>     typed right, set cookie, redirect to previous page (also passing
> GET/POST vars)
>   If cookie does exists:
>     behave normally?
> then at least we'll know whether we get spammed by bots or humans.
> Humans will suceed. Bots should fail, because they were programmed to
> spawn standarrd media wikis only.
> Such an implementation is  about 20-30 PHP lines or less which can be
> added to index.php ? Just tell me "do it" and I'll provide that code.
> We have somebody who is willing to delete the spam, what else do we
> need to win this situation?

All these cookies and javascripts tend to break secure and efficient setups :(

Long-term automated solutions to *prevent* spam don't exist for a growing community like 
nixos. Making it unprofitable though might work: pre-moderation(at least when links are 
added/modified), marking links as no-follow for search engines.

Having a git-based wiki should help to efficiently delete spam. qgit + git cherry-pick should 
be like an order of magnitude faster than any web interface.

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