[Nix-dev] Mesa-9.2

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Wed Oct 2 19:13:37 CEST 2013

> > Hi,
> > 
> > Does someone has already updated mesa to the 9.2 version ?
> > This version includes a change which makes the GL_ARB_shader_objects
> > extension included by default. This extension is not currently available on
> > the nixpkgs build of mesa 9.1.6 and I would have to write a
> > version-specific commit in order to enable it without updating mesa. I need
> > this extension in order to build some Qt 5.1.1 components...
> I have overridden mesa_drivers locally with 9.2.0 and have been using it for a 
> week without any problems.

Thanks for the info.
It also seemed to be working for me too but I cannot fully ensure you that it was OK because I use a different version of mesa with my X server (the GLX of XMing through SSH forwarding)...

In facts, my problem came from the mesa's GL/gl.h header (I had the same errors after the update of mesa) which does not supports a specific macro and makeflags combination. It was not related to a specific version.

As I have "finished" my Qt 5.1.1 packaging, I will make a pull request on nixpkgs containing the fix (on the current mesa version used, not the latest) soon. I am also planning to push the fix upstream ;-)
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