[Nix-dev] binutils problems

Vladimír Čunát vcunat at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 20:45:01 CEST 2013

On 10/01/2013 08:48 PM, Vladimír Čunát wrote:
> while I was hacking around phreedom's deterministic ar, I found two
> already existing issues in binutils:
> 1. Binaries in there are duplicated -- same SHA and different inode
> numbers for me. This issue doesn't seem serious, we probably just lose
> around 10MB, but it's in master already and it's a bit confusing that
> the nix expression claims to solve this.

1. This was easy to fix, I'll wait to bundle the change with others
(so Hydra doesn't have to rebuild all every week).

> 2. The ld.gold binary has references to /lib paths to packages like
> bootstrap-tools. It's a colon-separated zero-terminated string, I have
> no idea where it comes from (yet). That is, the current stdenv in
> stdenv-updates is bloated by these dependencies (which may not be the
> only consequence).

2. I found that adding another iteration fixes this, i.e. if I build a 
new instance of binutils with the current stdenv (in stdenv-updates), 
then I lose the reference :-) I know no other solution/idea (yet).

Eelco, would you mind if the bootstrapping process got changed to fix 
the problem? Just adding one build iteration for binutils should be easy 
enough, although probably some streamlining would be good -- maybe just 
some reordering of the steps would solve it all the same.


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