[Nix-dev] Updated package: hol

Karn Kallio tierpluspluslists at skami.org
Fri Oct 11 05:12:20 CEST 2013

> Dear All,
> Can someone checkin the attached? It is for
> applications/science/logic/hol
> It bumps the version to k.8
> I couldn't get the dot documentation generation step to work. It
> doesn't really matter much, but if someone could look at this I would
> be grateful. At the end of the build log it says:
> --
> Writing HOLPage
> *** Can't see dot executable at dot; not generating theory-graph
> Hol built successfully.
> --
> Thanks

Hello Tom,

The attached patch gets rid of the Can't see dot executable at dot warning.  I do not know if it 
generates the documentation correctly though.

The substitution of /usr/bin/dot for dot was not working because OS.FileSys.access does not use 
the PATH environment variable to look up files.

The addition of fontconfig was to remove a missing font error that occurred after fixing the dot 
path lookup.


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