[Nix-dev] bind root hints

Tim Barbour trb at categorical.net
Tue Oct 15 14:20:39 CEST 2013

Peter Simons writes:
 >  > The nixos bind package* does not seem to include any root hints, or
 >  > any way to configure it to use them. Is it only intended to be used
 >  > in a forwarding setup?
 > my impression is that generating a fully fledged BIND config within
 > NixOS is overkill, i.e. there are so many possible options one might
 > want to set that it's easier to just write the appropriate config file
 > directly.

I see your point, but think that root hints are common enough to support
without needing a custom config file.

I have modified the bind package to add a rootHints option. This currently
uses the pkgs.fetchurl to fetch the root hints file, which is not the right
approach, because fetchurl needs a checksum provided, and the root hints file
changes occasionally (without any version number). Perhaps wget would be a
better choice, but then bind would depend on wget. Would this be acceptable,
or is there a better way to fetch the file ?

For backwards compatibility, I have the rootHints option defaulting to false,
but one could reasonably argue that it should default to true.

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