[Nix-dev] Volunteers to package qt 5.1

Baptist BENOIST return_0 at live.com
Wed Oct 16 14:16:27 CEST 2013


You can find my packaging of qt-5.1.1 in my github fork of nixpkgs on the qt5 branch : https://github.com/bbenoist/nixpkgs

I did not made a pull request yet because I am currently very busy and I wanted to heavily document my work and write a wiki page about its usage for development purposes before releasing to other people.

As the code may not be subject to change, you can cherry-pick it if you want ;-)

Do not hesitate to ask me technical questions about my work directly on my email if you need a quicker answer ;-)

I think that I will be able to make my pull request in the next few days, currently you can interact on my own branch if you want to leave your opinion.


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