[Nix-dev] NixOS-Wiki alternative. Was: What license does the content of the nixos wiki and the manuals have?

Matthias Beyer mail at beyermatthias.de
Sat Sep 26 09:56:43 CEST 2015


On 26-09-2015 09:04:57, Eric Sagnes wrote:
> I would be great to have support for i18n, including guidelines and
> workflows for foreign languages. (eg: Who with merging privileges can 
> determine if a contribution in thai is not spam?)

I can try to work out i18n, of course.

Guidelines are a must-have, I agree with you. My current template
includes some short tutorials on how to setup and write in the wiki.
Of course, this is work in progress and needs to be improved a lot.

> Git and command line can be a big hurdle for non technical users, so to 
> help them there should be a beginner tutorial on how to contribute  
> and an alternative way to submit content (for example in an 
> issue with a dedicated label)

And via the github editor, as others have pointed out!

> PRs are great for big commits but they can brings more friction for minor
> changes like grammar or typo fixes.
> And specially if the number of pages get big it can means a large number
> of 1~10 characters change PR. (Using issues for minor edits could be a 
> solution)

I don't think one has to update 10 pages at once with _much_ content.
Maybe some linking fixes if a topic gets moved to a sub-page or
something, but I don't think there will be patches with
content-changes over 10 pages at once.

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