[Nix-dev] NixOS Hackathon Augsburg, June 25./26.

Profpatsch mail at profpatsch.de
Tue Jun 7 22:19:35 CEST 2016

In parallel to the Berlin hackathon the
OpenLab Augsburg invites everyone who can’t make it,
to work on Nix/NixOS for two days and maybe stream
the talks from Berlin.

Since we are a hackerspace there will be drinks, there
is a kitchen und an inviting amount of chaos for you
to enjoy. :)


We hope that by having two events, we can bundle our
forces and get a lot done over the weekend.

You can find us here:

Sorry, the website is German, but I think you know
how to use translation software. :P

Proudly written in Mutt with Vim on NixOS.
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