[Nix-dev] 17.03 beta released

Robin Gloster robin.gloster at mayflower.de
Fri Mar 3 13:10:15 CET 2017


I'd like to announce NixOS 17.03 "Gorilla" beta in the name of

The largest changes are:

  - Nixpkgs is now extensible through overlays. See

  - The setuid wrapper functionality now supports setting

  - X.org server uses branch 1.19. Due to ABI incompatibilities,
    ati_unfree keeps forcing 1.17
    and amdgpu-pro starts forcing 1.18.

  - PHP now defaults to PHP 7.1

  - Packages in nixpkgs can be marked as insecure through listed

  - This release is based on Glibc 2.25, GCC 5.4.0, systemd
    232 and Nix 1.11.7. The default Linux kernel is 4.9.

Please upgrade channels as usual and test:

    $ nix-channel --add https://nixos.org/channels/nixos-17.03 nixos
    $ nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade

I'd like to point out a serious bug that you might hit:

- setuid wrappers with the new setcap wrappers have changed their
  location. Therefore you might need to login again to use setuid
  binaries or use "nixos-rebuild boot"

If you'd like to help out, test and check the github bug tracker under
17.03 milestone.

As usual, we're working on getting build failures down:

Final release is slated to be released on March 30th.

The master branch has been bumped to 17.09 which has been given the
codename "Hummingbird".


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