The Nix project

Welcome to the homepage of the Nix project, which consists of a number of related open source subprojects:

  • Nix is a purely functional package manager. This means that it can ensure that an upgrade to one package cannot break others, that you can always roll back to previous version, that multiple versions of a package can coexist on the same system, and much more.
  • Nixpkgs is a large collection of packages that can be installed with the Nix package manager.
  • NixOS is a Nix-based Linux distribution. Thanks to Nix, it supports atomic upgrades, rollbacks and multi-user package management, and it has a declarative approach to system configuration management that makes it easy to reproduce a configuration on another machine.
  • Hydra is a Nix-based continuous build system.
  • Disnix is a Nix-based distributed service deployment system.

Latest News

Nix 1.7 released 2014/4/11
Nix 1.7 has been released. See the release notes for a list of new features.
Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL 2014/4/9
A serious security vulnerability has been discovered in OpenSSL. All stable NixOS releases prior to version 13.10.35708.15a465c are vulnerable. (You can see your current version by running nixos-version.) To upgrade to the latest NixOS version, run nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade. You can verify whether you are safe by running
$ nix-store -qR /run/current-system | grep openssl
If this shows any OpenSSL version prior to 1.0.1g, you may be vulnerable.
FOSDEM talks 2014/2/2
Domen Kožar gave a talk at FOSDEM about NixOS (video). Also, Ludovic Courtès gave a talk on Guix, the Nix- and Guile-based package manager.
Stdenv updates branch merged into master 2014/1/21
The stdenv-updates branch has been merged into the master branch of Nixpkgs. The main change are that brings is that Nixpkgs/NixOS are now based on GCC 4.8 and Glibc 2.18, in addition to many smaller updates.
NixOS 13.10 released 2013/10/31
We have released NixOS 13.10, the first stable branch of NixOS. Its goal is to provide a safe branch for production environments that need bug fixes and security updates, but not the potentially destabilising changes that sometimes occur on the unstable branch. You can get NixOS 13.10 ISOs and VirtualBox appliances from the download page. See the announcement for more information. For information on how to switch an existing NixOS machine from the unstable channel to 13.10, check out the manual section on upgrading.

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