You can donate to the NixOS foundation by using Open Collective:

The NixOS Foundation also accepts donations via SEPA bank transfer. Please send payments to:

Stichting NixOS Foundation, De Meern, The Netherlands

IBAN: NL45 KNAB 0732 3586 98

Please add your name and purpose (donation) in the description of the transfer!

If you would like to support us for amounts above 2000 euro per year, please contact us at, as this will have tax implications.

About The Foundation

The mission of the foundation is to support the Nix ecosystem's infrastructure, and projects implementing the purely functional deployment model.

In particular, the foundation supports Nix, Nixpkgs, NixOS, and operates:

  • - the NixOS binary cache, containing over 120TB of prebuilt Nix packages.
  • - a Nix build farm, consisting of hundreds of macOS, x86-64 (Linux) and aarch64 (Linux) build cores. Hydra executes over 350,000 builds each week.

The NixOS Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation at the Chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The KvK number is 63520583.

The board members are:

  • Eelco Dolstra - Chairman
  • Armijn Hemel - Secretary
  • Rob Vermaas - Treasurer