The main source of information about installing and using NixOS is the NixOS manual. Inside a NixOS system, you can read the manual by running the command nixos-help, and you can see the list of configuration options by running man configuration.nix. You can also search the list of options online.

Mailing lists


You can drop by on the IRC channel #nixos on to chat with the developers or other users.

Nix Pills

The Nix Pills are to convince you to give Nix a try, and to complement the explanations from the more formal documents, in short digestable pieces.


If you think you’ve found a bug, please report it in the Nixpkgs issue tracker (please use the label 6.topic: nixos).

Other resources

There are several other manuals:

Commercial support

For professional support, a number of consulting companies are available (sorted in alphabetical order):